Throw ’em All Out?

Am I lost in a fit of “Drain the Swamp” fervor? Well, not today at least. Maybe a fit of sentimentality mixed with cognitive dissonance and a side of regret would better express the thoughts I’ve had on this particular topic.

At over 11 years, this blog is my longest continuous presence on the Internet. Well, there are a couple of anonymously-written sites I put together in high school that might still be drifting around somewhere, but I’ve long forgotten their URLs, usernames, and the associated e-mail addresses to reset a passwords. I’ll just have to assume they’re frozen in time until the free, ad-driven hosting companies go under or get acquired enough times to forget they had a business model based on free websites in the first place.

I was a relatively early adopter of Facebook in 2005, back when an exclusive .edu e-mail address was still the price of admission and before Mark Zuckerberg had figured out how to monetize everyone’s privacy and create addictive experiences driving everyone to continually refresh their feeds until their thumbs became swollen. That account was stolen by an identity thief back in 2010, never to be retrieved again. I learned some valuable lessons about creating strong, unique passwords for every username and platform since.

So, what’s this long trip down memory lane all about? I’ve taken this blog through multiple software updates, DNS registrars, malware infections, and hosting providers. At various times, the blog has been of great importance and no importance to me. Posts I’ve written here have come from places of great curiosity and an interest in innovation, anger with faceless corporations and disgust with politicians, meandering through weird programming problems, and a desire to share various other odd journeys with readers that will likely never materialize.

So, back to the title of the post! Every time I’ve had to port the WordPress database over or fix corruption in a PHP file, or renew DNS or pay hosting bills, I’ve considered just dropping this blog by the wayside of Internet history to be forgotten. Some of my posts/rants are a little embarrassing in retrospect, not so much anything I said in particular, but more so that I cared so much about some of the odd things I cared about. Some of them still inspire me a bit, like my suggestion to the world that pod cars might be the answer we never knew we needed for the transportation challenges of the future. I’ve never been much for journaling, but in a weird way I’ve captured interesting snippets of my life along the way that remind me of the journey I’ve been on. I’ve been on a lot of other journeys since then that I’ve never even begun to share here, like the circuitous and trying journey that brought me to be a father of two amazing sons.

I can’t throw out this blog any more than I can throw out the most embarrassing photos of my middle school years. In a weird way, they form snapshots of who I was, am, and will become. Life’s a mixed bag. There’s no point in curating the most impressive parts into a memorial for yourself. So, they all stay, maybe to be joined by more in the future!