Trying to avoid being just another stale blog

Do you ever wander into a blog, see the date of the most recent post, and immediately dismiss it as another abandoned blog of a sometimes-egomaniac on the information superhighway?  I don’t harbor any delusions of grandeur, at least as it would relate to me turning my blog into a media empire.  I barely know what a Klout score is, but I know mine is an anemic 18.

I could probably just as easily turn my blog-o-rants into a handwritten journal and get all the same cathartic value out of it.  Honestly, it’s seldom worth reading.  I have the occasional weird post that always seems to drive traffic.  My old Budweiser can post got a lot of reads, as did my pictures of disassembling and repairing the MacBook Pro.  Years ago, on another web page, I hosted the only known working XF86Config file for an obsolete Compaq laptop, something I put together painstakingly by hand over the course of 20-30 hours while trying to keep myself equipped with computers on a high schooler’s budget.  I guess that just confirms that content that people actually want is key to having a successful blog.

Why haven’t I written much?  Honestly, I’ve been pushing myself in too many directions at once.  I took a new job in March working at the intersection of software engineering and network security management.  It’s a pretty interesting gig, although I do sometimes feel a little out of place.  It’s not so much that I’m in over my head as I’ve never spent much time even thinking about the domain area.  Ipchains back in the day, later iptables, then a consumer-grade Linksys router with WPA2 encryption and everything is good, right?

At home I have also managed to get myself into an R&D-type project which I am absolutely loving.  It’s almost pure creation, and completely self-inflicted so only self-imposed deadlines and also a completely non-compensated effort at this time.  I’ve logged upwards of 600 hours on it now, and I am getting pretty excited that I may have something to launch to a limited audience in a few short months.  It has stretched my mind in a thousand different ways, and has oddly pulled together all the disciplines I hated in school to make a really amazing amalgamation of functionality that I really enjoy working with.  Maybe someday I will be able to give a speech to a classroom of kids who are where I was and basically tell them, “Half of what you will learn here is useless, but you will never know which half until much later, so be a sponge and work hard.”  Remember when I said I had no delusions of grandeur about turning my blog into a media empire.  You caught me–I guess I do have some others.

What else is going on?  Lots of home repairs and maintenance.  Had the house torn up a bit in early August to get some new hardwood floors which we are absolutely loving.  We didn’t do the install ourselves, but the furniture moving and dealing with stacks of acclimating lumber everywhere we went was enough.  Now, I’m on to things like siding repair and wood rot repair.  Generally speaking, I take the first stab at fixing these things and then have someone out to fix my fixes.  Ended up tearing off about 20 square foot of rotten siding to find a rotting rim joist this weekend.  Realized I didn’t want to deal much with that and called some pros.  Meanwhile, my handiwork can be seen in the white trash bags stapled to the side of the house.

What else?  Watching Android try to turn into Apple and can’t help but think if both are equally closed, Apple has the better product.  Keeping an eye on the AT&T-T-Mobile merger.  Wouldn’t rule out a future iPhone purchase even if I had to eat some crow from my previous post (Why Apple Will No Longer Be Part of My Life).  Drives me nuts that my wife and I both have Gingerbread Android phones and the UIs are completely unrecognizable as the same thing.  Trying to swap tips on customizations and settings is like reading a thesaurus, “It’s under settings or profiles or customize or maybe menu-settings-profile-customize.”  Coming from this as a non-repentant software engineer, damn, can you screw up software when you put engineers in charge of everything!

I follow other blogs where the authors set goals of daily posting of 2000 words.  That makes me tired just reading that goal.  Nevertheless, I do hope I can keep this going at least such a pace as to keep the casual reader from observing it’s abandoned.  The joy of the very occasional post is certainly worth the very occasional effort.  But if I can’t keep up, I am thinking about creating a bot to post for me.  I just read recently that some sports sites are writing prose from stats tables.  Doesn’t seem so hard!